My Top 5 Favourite Childhood Memories

I’m collaborating with Travelstart to celebrate Youth Month with the Paper Jet Challenge (and I hope you will too!). Before we get to that, let’s remember what it’s like to #BeAKidAgain with some of my favourite childhood memories, as a 90s kid growing up in the 2000s, between two South African cities.

#1: Food

Though this list is not in any particular order, it’s no surprise that food has made its ways to the top. Though it may be simple, I fondly remember my sister and I picking mulberries from the backyard and when we were lucky, getting the donuts or ice-cream from our favourite stores. My mom has always been a stellar cook, and her pancakes are a treat I still look forward to. As much as my dad would wish I mention a braai, I’ve got to mention his Dagwood sandwiches, that as a kid, were towering and almost impossible to eat.

#2 Trying things Out

I came close to calling this one being the ‘bossy first child,’ referring to my reign of rule, likening it to the good times, when I taught my sister how to swim or taught all of my dolls. Instead, I’ve made it about the fact that my sister and I tried everything when we were younger. I may have been braver as a little girl when it came to getting on rollercoasters, but I was just as curious back then as I am now. So much so that I tried everything — all the sports and instruments you can think of! I specially loved the piano lessons and horse riding, something I share with my mother.

#3 Celebrations

Celebrations were and are still very important to me. With my birthday being in June, I was either looking forward to it, or Christmas (or Easter or Valentines or Halloween). One year around Christmas, I spied on everyone in my family, figuring out all of the gifts we’d be getting andrelaying them to my disbelieving sister. One year, we got rabbits! Another stand-out was my 5th birthday, when I had a clown show in my backyard, and also my 10th dress up party, which doubled up as a farewell before we moved.

#4 Parks and Museums

We had a park just around the corner from our house, where my dad would push us on the swings, higher than we ever dared to go. Then there was Hatfield gardens, where’d go to climb trees and ride our scooters and bikes around. We also visited museums which were always fun, from one where everything was miniature to another, where you would stick your hand in a box and have to guess what you were touching, ending off by peeping through a hole in the wall to see where the tooth-fairy kingdom was.

#5 Holidays

Holidays were always important to my parents. Each year, they made a point of us venturing out on trips, leaving before the sun was up. From the Drakensberg Mountains to the Durban coastline, by the time I had grown up, I had been to all but one province in South Africa and 4 neighbouring African countries. I may not remember this memory, but I’ve been told that once while at the beach, I got the chicken pox, prompting everyone at the beach to scurry away from us.

We should really strive to harness the magic of being a kid every once in a while, when adulting gets too much. What are some of your favourite childhood memories?

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