Marrakech: Yalla

After visiting Fes, we travelled through the Sahara desert to reach Marrakech. Word online was that we were arriving in the ‘disney version of morocco.’ This may not have been true, but the busy city revealed itself in a series of beautiful moments the deeper we dared to explore it. As a forewarning, this blog post is as all-over-the-place as our time spent there was. Yalla (come on):


Fes: Marhaba

I arrived in Fes without knowing much about it. A man holding a sign with my name on it fetched us from the airport and took us to Dar Elinor, the highly rated hotel where we’d staying for the next few nights. We were met with kindness and the traditional (and delicious) mint tea. Marhaba: It means welcome. 

Travelling through the Sahara Desert in Morocco

You can’t leave Morocco without going on a desert tour. Of this, I am sure. The trip we embarked on took us from Fez to Marrakech across 3 days. The journey saw us spend a night in the Sahara desert and a night in a hotel, riding camels and buying carpets along the way. Here’s what you need to know: