How to Travel on a Budget

Italy, Paris and London are among the most expensive travel destinations. So just how did I manage to plan to visit these places on a budget? You won't have to steal to make it happen, but be prepared for some begging and borrowing. Save The most obvious on the list, but arguably the most important … Continue reading How to Travel on a Budget


Organise your Travel Documents

So you've got your visa, you're made your bookings and you're getting ready for lift-off. The last important thing you need to do before you pack your bags is organise all of your important travel documents. Sounds simple enough, right? Make an electronic folder where you save all of your documents to. Have separate sub-folders (because … Continue reading Organise your Travel Documents

Visa Applications for South Africans

What you need to know about Visa Applications as a South African: Schengen, United Kingdom and visa free